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Educated as a Weapon Electronic Technician at the Dutch Royal Navy Education Center in Den Helder, Holland I left for Freiburg, Germany to work for Litton Technische Werke.  Litton produced and serviced high end navigation equipment for the legendary Starfighter and Phantom jet fighters (and of course other aircrafts).

After a little more than one year, I was stationed in Brussels for eight good years to help to maintain the navigation equipment for the Belgian Air Force.


My military duty I served in between in the Dutch armee as Radar Operator and finished the duty as Corporal 1. Class. Proud as I am!


When the contract was finished in Belgium, I became a calibration technician for the test equipment at the German Air Force and travelled throughout the country from north to south and the training facilities on Sardinia (It).



After moving from Munich to Copenhagen I left the military business, starting a career as Computer Technician at Chr.Rovsing A/S.  We were producing personal computers and networks (CR7, CR8, CR16 and X-Net) before the pc conquered the marked.


Unfortunately, Rovsing went bankrupt and our department was one of the lucky ones to be taken over. We continued producing computers  and networks for the Danish communes and counties.


In the early nineties, I started at Copenhagen County Central Administrstion and four years later at Rigshospital (Denmark’s main university hospital) as network technician and second line supporter before I was recruted by Nilfisk.






IT Helpdesk


November 1998, I changed job from KMD (KommuneData) to Nilfisk-Advance A/S.  The task was to get boost the IT-service level from zero to ten.  I wouldn’t say I succeeded.  But the colleagues said so.  As IT got more and more influence on the daily working live and the demands got higher and higher, I soon got some skilled colleagues to assist me in the job.

We started with a Novell network and GroupWise as mail application.  A rally good mix.  But overhauled by time and Microsoft, we had to change to keep the integrity of our system.  Novell specialist were at last hard to find, GroupWise wasn’t compatible with anything – except with add-ons – and all other systems we handled were practically only developed for Microsoft platforms.

Once we had a Microsoft network up and running we introduced Citrix in the company.  The meaning with Citrix was to connect all European sales companies to the headquarter at Brøndby.

The Techniques Department and I worked closely together to introduce Citrix. Where I was out at most of our sales subs to pick up the data, fly back to Denmark, load it on to our servers in Denmark over the weekend, flying back Sunday evening and startup with training and failure correction on Mondays at the sub.  Every six to eight weeks another one, spread over more than a year.

When we finally were finished with the job, I could start over again since Nilfisk in the mean time had acquired Alto in Hadsund (mainly high pressure cleaners).  Alto had a view subsidiary as well, which also had to be connected. This time, I took some of the colleuages with me for training.

The latest sales company I have connected to Brøndby was our Indian office in Bombay, just seven weeks before the terrible hotel attack (is 7 really a lucky number for me?).

But, I like the travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people.  And now, in my job, it is nice to know most of the colleagues abroad and talk to them by phone and knowing how they look.

The IT Support changed its name to IT Helpdesk. We got a new chief, a new structure and we are six to share the job.  Four in Brøndby including one trainee and two colleagues in Hadsund.

Due to the worldwide economic crisis, Nilfisk had to dimiss our Helpdesk manager and appointed one of my colleagues  as Team Lead.  He has previous leader experiances from our vacuum cleaner production - which in the mean time has been moved to Korea.

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